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I have the rare opportunity of living in Nauvoo, Illinois. I greatly appreciate this with every changing season. As we celebrated the Anniversary of Joseph Smith's 200th Birthday on December 23, 2005. We have had the privilege of dedicating a new monument of Joseph and Hyrum Smith on horseback as they are looking down on beautiful Nauvoo and looking at the building of the Nauvoo temple before going to Carthage. Joseph helped to bring forth the restoration of Christ's Church in the fullness to earth again. As Joseph was at this point of his journey he said "I am as calm as a summer's morning, but I am going like a lamb to the slaughter". As the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rebuilt the destroyed Nauvoo Temple on the bluff looking over the old sights of Nauvoo. It was only appropriate to place this beautiful bronze statue on the crest of the bluff looking at the Nauvoo Temple. Here on this website I have placed some of the pictures I have taken of this monument with each passing season. If you like what you see here and wish to purchase a copy for yourself or for someone special please call or email me for more information. Be sure to check for new pictures and updating of this website.

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